If you’re not already using TransferWise for international payments, here is 5 reasons why you should be


If you’re not already using TransferWise, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Here are 5 reasons why you need to get on board:

1. Excellent customer service

TransferWire offers excellent customer service to all its customers. If you have a question or concern, then an expert representing TransferWise will help you get the answer you’re after. All TransfeWise’s services are guaranteed, so you have piece of mind.

You can contact the site by filling out the short contact form, sending an email, or by placing a call to them by phone. The site now offers its excellent money transfer services in many parts of the world, including the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. Feel free to invite your friends too, the more the merrier!

2. Highly acclaimed and award winning

Sign up for updates about the new services offered by TransferWise and get them sent directly to your email. TransferWise will certainly accept and even encourages customer feedback as a way to improve their money payment services to customers.

TransferWise has become so successful, in fact, that they have been presented in financial publications, news and social media sites, such as the Financial Times and TechCrunch. You as a customer are welcome to pay a visit to their website to check them out for yourself.

3. Safe and secure

This money transfer website protects all its customers’ privacy by never sharing payment or personal information with other companies. You can sleep safe and sound knowing that your money, payment information and personal information is completely secure away from prying eyes.

All customer data is securely protected by strong data encryption. TranferWise has secure methods of separating its customers money away from its own using a complex structure of trusts.

Many loyal customers around the world rely on this website and service the processing of their money transfers safely and securely. TransferWise’s clients’ funds are always the number one priority in this respect.

4. Use your mobile phone

A TransferWise app is available for iOS and Android devices. You can transfer money on the road with this easy and effective method. This is not a convenience that all money transfer services offer.

Telephone transfers are completely safe and secure as well. After making a successful money transfer using your smartphone, TransferWise invites you to submit an online rating and review your money transfer by phone experience.

If you need confirmation of a particular payment you have done on this website, a confirmation can be sent securely, safely, quickly and efficiently directly to your email address or your phone by text. TransferWise likes to see its customers happy and satisfied in 100 percent its money transfer services.

Refer your friends to earn bank

You’re probably going to want to share with friends, family, and co-workers that you have learned about the most affordable money transfer site in the world. They may want to join you in sending their money transfers also.

For each friend you refer to TransferWise to them, you’ll save up to £20 on your first transfer. Save the expenses charged by other sites and you will be assured of great savings at TransferWise.


Pay a visit to TransferWise today and see how they can help you with international payments. Your big savings will be noticeable, you can quote me on that.

TransferWise appreciates all its customers who choose to use their money transfer services. Start today and you’ll be glad you chose one of the best money transfer locations worldwide.

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